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About Sandy + Lisa 
and our Shasta!

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It is a crazy story with some twists and turns but in the end the stars aligned and we found this gorgeous restored Shasta Astrodome that's come a looong way since 1963! We brought her home to Pennsylvania from the Greensville, South Carolina. The previous owner and Retro Modern Campers, worked some magic and turned a rough shell into a state of the art roving tap system with an indoor photo booth! 

There exterior of the camper is outfitted with 4 taps. The in-line cooling system instantly chills the beverages hooked up to the taps. The tap system can be used for beer, wine, soda, cocktails, cold brews, kombucha, and more! We provide a RAMP certified taptender. We offer lots of options to customize your event. Custom taps, signage, theme options,  are just a few of the pieces that can be tailored to your event!

The interior of the camper is heated and air conditioned with a surprisingly spacious interior.  Our photo booth options provide high quality digital images, gifs and boomerangs taken with a DSLR camera. This includes designing a unique photo strip template. A large bench can accommodate group photos. We offer a variety of backdrops, props, and pillows  to choose from.  Our booth includes unlimited prints as well as a sharing station so guests can send themselves their images and share to social media.  We can work with you to create a custom look and feel for the booth. Our booth comes with an attendant to keep things running smoothly. The camper can also be rented without the photo booth. 


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